Case Studies


We were so proud to take on Harrods as one of our first clients and we are positively beaming to have been working with them for eight years now! It was obvious that they were going to accept nothing less than the highest of standards from the very start and we go to great lengths to ensure that we provide Harrods with the luxury that they provide their customers.

Mitul Shah, Head of Delivery Operations

"Our customers expect the very best from us and we are under pressure to deliver it. The couriers I have dealt with are always friendly, personable and clearly aware of what we expect from them; that is, the most professional service they can deliver.

They really go the extra mile, with both their couriers and their customer service and that's why we've been happily using them for so long now. Using eCourier's tracking technology we can pinpoint exactly where our products are and when our customers can expect to receive them, making sure we have answers when our customers need them. That way we can deliver luxury with a little happiness along the way."