Can I book an eCourier if I don't have an account?

Yes, customers may pay with credit or debit cards for their same day bookings. In order to book our overnight and international services you must be a UK registered business with an eCourier credit account.

Do I have to book jobs online?

No, you can call us; however, booking online will allow you to take advantage of significantly discounted rates.

Does eCourier operate outside of London?

Yes. Although eCourier is headquartered in London, we deliver the same quality services for bookings throughout England, the United Kingdom and internationally. To book next day or international bookings, please call us.

Will I obtain preferential pricing if I open a credit account with eCourier?

Yes, credit account customers receive discounts off of our published prices for, amongst other things, volume, exclusive online booking and settlement of invoices within 14 days of issue. To open a business account, click here.

Can I travel with my parcel?

Unfortunately our insurance does not cover passengers, therefore we are unable to allow you to travel with your package. However, with our map tracking facility, your parcel will never leave your sight.

How do I download my account and past usage information directly into my accounting programs?

From the My Account page, you can view, breakdown and sort all your past deliveries, as well as download your invoices into your preferred accounting format. If you would like some more help on viewing or paying invoices online, please contact us via live chat.

Can an eCourier rep give a tutorial on how to make the most of your tracking and accounting technology?

Certainly! We are excited to sit down with our customers and show them how to take full advantage of our online booking, tracking and auditing capabilities. Our demo gives a brief run-through of our offerings, but if you would like to discuss matters of technological integration or understanding, contact us via live chat.

Do you have disaster recovery plans?

Absolutely, eCourier has been designed from the ground up with a mission-critical mentality. Our systems integrate multiple fail-safes at every level, including communications, hardware, and power. For instance, we have an uninterruptible power source from diesel generators and batteries, ensuring that our offices never lose power.