Can I book an eCourier if I don't have an account?

Yes. Customers can book an eCourier with a credit or debit card. In order to use our Overnight or International service though, you must have an eCourier credit account.

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Do I have to book jobs online?

No. It’s just easier for you. It only takes 20 seconds to book a job online. But you can call us if you would prefer to book over the phone. You can get our Customer Services team on 0345 145 1000.

How quickly will eCourier collect my parcel?

This depends on the type of vehicle you choose and the traffic and weather conditions. Typically in London our average pick up time is about 30 minutes.

What are the largest goods eCourier carry?

eCourier provides vans or lorries to collect up to 18tonnes. If you have a shipment larger than that then we can also do that but we would need a few minutes to organise it.

Does eCourier operate outside London?

Yes we have vehicles available across the UK.

Can I track my delivery online?

Yes. You can see the progress of your consignment in real time via our online tracking system from the point of collection to the point of delivery. All you need is the docket reference of your booking.

How will I know when my goods are delivered?

We will send an e-mail to the e-mail address with the name and signature of who signed for your goods and the time that they were signed for.

How do I get to receive an invoice for my booking?

We will send you one automatically by email.

We have a valuable consignment to send, how much insurance can you provide?

We always insure your goods. There is basic cover set up as standard with every booking which covers up to a value of £250 for loss or damage. But if you are sending something more valuable we can provide additional insurance. If you do want to arrange additional cover you will have Customer Services Department on 0345 145 1000.

The goods in my delivery have been damaged, what do I do?

As soon as you notice that an item has been damaged, please contact our Customer Services team on customer.services@ecourier.co.uk so that they can begin an investigation. Any item received damaged should be raised at the time of delivery and should not be signed for.

We need to send chilled medical samples, can you assist?

eCourier runs a specialist medical service for Medical Trusts , Hospitals, Doctor’s, Pharmacy’s and any other companies working in this field. If you would like to speak to someone or find out some more information on eCourier’s medical services then please contact medical@ecourier.co.uk

I’d like to open an account, how do I go about this?

Fill in the form below and select ‘Sales’ and we will contact you shortly with all of the details to open up an account and the discounts you will then qualify for.

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