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CSR Strategy

We understand our responsibility to the communities in which we operate and we will always try to mitigate our negative impact and positively contribute to future change.

We break our CSR Strategy down into 4 main areas


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Social Impact

Social Impact

As an employer of 100+ people, as well as having a self-employed courier fleet of hundreds, we understand that we have a duty to affect, respect and give back to our surrounding communities.

We do this in 4 main ways:

  1. Backing local, minority-owned businesses where feasible
  2. Reducing our environmental impact in the areas that we operate
  3. Giving back to local communities, through charitable and community donations
  4. Employing and empowering local people in all aspects of our business



eCourier is an equal opportunities employer and aims to ensure that all of it’s employees, couriers and applicants are treated equally irrespective of:

  1. Colour, race, nationality, religion, ethnic or national origin
  2. Sex, or marital status
  3. Sexual orientation
  4. Disability
  5. Age

The company shall appoint, train, develop and promote on the basis of merit and ability.


As well as ensuring we have a diverse workforce, we also have a responsibility to ensure that we offer an inclusive and productive environment for our staff to operate in.

  1. Flexible working
  2. Multi-faith areas
  3. Extended holiday programs
  4. Staff incentive programs
  5. Mental health support

We want our staff to be comfortable and happy and provide an environment to allow them to succeed and flourish.Inclusion


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and making smart, conscious decisions when it comes to investment in greener vehicles. Some of the ways we are doing this are:

  1. Offsetting all company carbon
  2. Offering our clients the chance to offset their carbon
  3. Replacing end of life vehicles with greener alternatives
  4. Investing in alternative transport methods
  5. Using renewable energy
  6. Contributing to local community environmental initiatives
  7. Aim to be Major City carbon free by 2030

Investing in our future…

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