Technical couriers

And we’ll install it, too

Often, customers’ problems can turn out to be straightforward to fix once diagnosed. Why keep your busy engineer on site, when a trained courier can ‘plug and play’ the replacement part when they arrive with it?

Technical couriers

Repairs, installations and swap-outs

When cost and customer satisfaction are the key priorities, our technical couriers will carry out repairs and parts swap-outs for your customers. Aside from connecting the replacement items to networks, our couriers are also able to undertake more-complex tasks such as building point of sale material, swapping out circuit boards and configuring replacement devices.

We can train a team of couriers to your specification, leaving your engineers to move onto those calls where their skills are used to the full.

Repairs and swap-outs

Replacement devices


Training & vetting

We will work with your support staff to design a training programme for our technical couriers. The level of technical expertise required can be tailored to suit each individual client and project. eCourier will provide a pool of suitably qualified and vetted drivers to undergo your training in order to carry out the service requirements. We can also offer a “train the trainer” program to manage and increase resources using our own trained team.

Typical technical skills include:

  • Machine consumable replenishment
  • Configuration of replacement devices (like mobile phones)
  • Peripheral swap-outs
  • On site engineer asssitance and on site diagnostics working with IT support centres.

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